The new borg.

Remember the massive consolidation of property-related agencies into something called the Department of General Services, akin to the federal government’s General Services Administration, that came out of the 2012 budget process? It was supposed to launch by October 1, and more than 700 employees have been sent notices if they’re supposed to be working for it. But that’s still about all that anybody knows—-the Office of the City Administrator, which is orchestrating the whole process, can’t even say if they’ll be able to announce an interim director before the weekend, to say nothing of a senior staff.

That was pretty much the case back in August, when the Business Journal checked in on the DGS’ progress. In September, the City Administrator was supposed to submit an implementation plan, but it was pretty light on details; Council Chairman Kwame Brown’s office sent back a laundry list of questions about things like timelines, cost savings, and surplus positions.

They didn’t get much back. There are five divisions on the current organization chart: Portfolio management, capital construction, facilities operation and maintenance, protective services, and utilities and energy management. A detailed version is supposed to be hammered out over the next few months, and the City Administrator doesn’t expect any cost savings or staffing reductions as a result of the efficiencies within the first year. Oh, and there will be a new union election for employees.

Other than that, everything’s still pretty much to be determined. An oversight hearing scheduled for today was postponed until next week, so even the Council won’t know much more until the thing’s technically already in existence. Which sort of gives new meaning to “making things up as you go along.”