A nondescript house: Figures.

That’s what he calls himself, at least.

Not every multimillion dollar home sale is worth blog attention—-honestly, in D.C., most of those buying are boring lawyers and doctors—-but Peter Schechter, who paid $1.95 million for 1529 33rd St. NW in Georgetown on Sept. 19, is apparently something special. From his online bio:

At his communications consulting firm’s 8th floor M Street headquarters, the staff jokingly refers to Peter Schechter as ‘the international man of mystery.’ He speaks six languages fluently. He is an advisor to heads of state and CEO’s and friends from all over the world and from all walks of life, who call with unintelligible accents. Schechter is a restauranteur. He is a farmer. He is a winemaker. He is an author. A resident of Georgetown, he is also the husband of Rosa, his vivacious Spanish wife and the father of their two daughters, Alia and Marina.

Schechter’s site takes even more pains to communicate that he’s no workaday drudge: “What raises some eyebrows is Schechter’s varied beyond-work activities,” it leads into a list of his extracurricular pursuits, describing his “‘renaissance man’ persona.”

The previous owner of the house is a slightly more modest public intellectual, Peter Beinart, who edited The New Republic magazine for seven years and has since moved to New York. However, Beinart still maintains a unit in a handsome Dupont Circle rowhouse, where he still receives the homestead deduction for primary residences. It’s a common mistake—-hey, even senators do it—-and Beinart says in an email he’ll inquire with the District’s tax office when it re-opens tomorrow.