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Yes, they also play ridiculous games. (Skyline Innovations)

Over the past year, this blog has chronicled the rise of Skyline Innovations, a two-year-old startup that came up with a way to build solar water heating systems on rooftops at no cost to the building’s inhabitants, while providing them with cheaper electricity—-a model that’s won them award after award. First, the firm moved from a cramped office in Adams Morgan’s Affinity Lab to roomier digs on Columbia Road. And now, with a $30 million capital infusion from the parent company of Washington Gas—-the company’s first solar investment outside photovoltaic technology—-they’ve outgrown their space again. They’re not going far: Declaring Skyline’s headquarters will always stay in the District, spokeswoman Sandra Lee says they’ve found new space in Dupont Circle.

In the mean time, they’ve got a lot of cash to throw around. A lot of that will go to new markets around the country, but recently-passed solar legislation makes it easier to build systems in D.C. So if you live in a building with more than 50 units, own a business that uses a lot of hot water, or just want to learn how to play urban croquet, get in touch.