Former public schools, you can have ’em. Along with the Stevens, Franklin, Langston, and J.F. Cook Schools, the city is trying to get rid of Webb Elementary, a squat 1960s school sandwiched between Gallaudet University and the Arboretum on Mt. Olivet Road NE that was closed in 2008. This one is big: a 104,000-square-foot building on fully 3.32 acres. According to the Department of General Services, it was also already offered to charter schools in 2009, garnering no responses—-which means the District can now choose from any number of different proposals. And since it’s not historically protected, potential bidders can knock down the building and start anew.

A hearing on the decision to surplus the building will take place at Trinidad Recreation Center on January 23rd at 6:30 p.m.