Jonathan O’Connell sure buried the lede in this little profile of developer Anthony Lanier (whose raffish demeanor has made him an attractive subject for many a D.C. scribe). His company, EastBanc, has bought or has secured the contract for two big parcels in rapidly developing corridors outside his Georgetown home base: 1250 U Street NW, the building on top of the U Street Metro that houses D.C. government offices, and 845 Bladensburg Road NE, forming one point of the starburst intersection on the eastern end of H Street. Lanier also hints that he’s assembling land near the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station.

Those are some serious development opportunities. Likely for long down the road, given the nature of long-term leases and what EastBanc’s got on its plate already. But the fact that the traditionally high-end developer is reaching out into these yuppie frontiers is a sign of just how fast they’ve matured.