With the city running into trouble with the feds for leaving seats open too long, the Historic Preservation Review Board nominations are flowing again. This time, with a familiar face: Andrew Aurbach, who served on the board as an historian from 2007 to 2009, and still serves on its sustainability committee. According to his resume from last time around and an updated one, he’s been president of a media production and consulting company in the District since 1992 and is a founding member of the Historical Society of Washington’s young professionals association. In addition, Aurbach’s extracurriculars read like he goes to Urbanism High: He serves on the steering committees of the YIMBY group Ward 3 Vision, the Champion’s Council for the Coalition for Smarter Growth, Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Action, and the Office of Planning’s Neighborhood Sustainability Indicators Project. He might also be the first myopic little twit on the Board. Welcome to the future, HPRB!