As part of his testimony before the House Appropriations Committee, Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers provided this handy diagram, which shows the condition of the buildings under his jurisdiction. That one on the far left is the Summerhouse, an historic brick structure on the West Front Lawn. Almost as bad is the Senate underground garage. The James Madison building, which houses Library of Congress offices, is pretty bad off. Rayburn House Office Building and Russell Senate Office building are doing okay, but more attention has centered on Cannon, which has seen a major plaster incident and damaging leaks over the last year. A major overhaul will require many offices to relocate to Ford Office Building and nearby leased space…in 2017.

Other details: The office saved $50,000 by terminating unnecessary subscriptions to print and online media outlets (!) and is requesting $7.3 million to take care of Union Square, which is now on its turf.