A couple weeks ago, ace intern Rachel Calvert reported on ANC 3B’s decision to stick with its moratorium on liquor licenses for beer, wine, and spirits. The vote was 3-1, which would seem to indicate a general consensus in the neighborhood that the existing 12 full-service licenses, plus two more over the next three years, are enough.

Not so, according to a new ad hoc group of citizens, who’ve started a website to support the killing of the moratorium entirely. According to area homeowner Lauren Camera, a dozen folks emailed back and forth amongst themselves to organize the effort, which has now garnered 56 petition signatures. Their primary concern: The extra two beer/wine/spirits licenses will probably be gobbled up by existing restaurants, meaning no more new dining options and no empty storefronts filled.

They’re not just fighting on the restaurant front, though. The website urges concerned parties to show up and vote at this coming Tuesday’s meeting of the Glover Park Citizens Association, which is weighing in on the ANC’s proposal to get rid of the moratorium on distribution licenses, too. That would allow more small grocery stores in the neighborhood, like the Trader Joe’s that is rumored to be interested in the old Myer Emco building (that is, like every other whispering of Trader Joe’s looking at a neighborhood, just a rumor).

It’s just one more example of the Yes In My Back Yard syndrome that’s been sweeping the District lately—-(often but not always) newer, younger residents who proactively want something and are organizing to counter those less comfortable with change, who’ve traditionally been the loudest voices in these provincial debates.