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Condos, incoming.

The corner of 17th and Euclid NW in Adams Morgan has a long rap sheet: In fact, it’s probably the most storied intersection in City Paper‘s history. Jason Cherkis wrote about the stoop-sitting family at 1701 Euclid that nearby residents accused of being a criminal nuisance. After much debate, the police set up cameras on the corner, which Councilmember Jim Graham claims helped scatter the 1-7 Crew that once called those streets home. It’s where Brian Beutler got shot in 2008, and where Daniel Martin and Derek Brawner pulled off a drive-by in 2010.

Now, it’s slated to get some brand-new condos courtesy of Capital City Real Estate, which has been redeveloping infill sites all over the District in the last couple years. They bought the property for $2.05 million last August, and Euclid Market and the neighboring drycleaner closed soon after. Capital City tells me they want to talk to the neighbors before releasing any designs, but also don’t plan to seek any zoning relief, which means the building won’t get taller than 50 feet.

Residents should hope, though, that they bring back some sort of market—-even new condos don’t do much for eyes on the street, which are the best crime deterrent a city could ask for.

Photo by Lydia DePillis