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In the wake of last week’s bludgeoning before a congressional oversight committee, the folks in charge of designing and building the Eisenhower Memorial have issued a statement of “total and unqualified support” for architect Frank Gehry‘s vision:

Frank Gehry has followed the direction provided to him by this commission. He has also consulted with the Eisenhower Family. His design for the Memorial is exciting, creative, and inspiring. It captures the life and the spirit—and commemorates the historic achievements—-of Dwight Eisenhower as one of the greatest generals in human history and one of our finest presidents.

We are fortunate that the most celebrated architect in the world competed for this project. Frank Gehry has been a loyal soldier in our effort. We confirm our selection of him, confirm our enthusiastic enorsement of his design concept, and express our regret and sadness at the tone and nature of th eselected comments that have been made on Mr. Gehry’s design for the memorial.

…As Eisenhower himself said, “For our republic to stay free those among us with the rare gift of artistry must be able to freely use their talent.”

Which means that they’re not backing down, and that Congress will have to withhold funding if it wants to change anything.

Oh, and add prominent architecture critic Witold Rybczynski to the pro-Gehry column.