IBG Partners is all done with a set of tall, stately apartment buildings on New York Avenue between 4th and 5th Street NW—-and now they’re thinking of putting a hotel next door.

It’s far from a done deal, though. “We are studying a possible hotel project on the site but do not yet own the property and have not made a decision to proceed yet,” writes IBG’s Scott Fuller in an email. “Would be very premature to discuss at this point and we are bound by confidentiality agreements with the Sellers and potential venture partners.” The property is owned by “KRESSIN N NEW YORK AVENUE LLC DEMERS REAL ESTATE,” which has done some work lately on an historic building that still stands on the site.

Still, it’s yet another sign of money sloshing around for hotels these days.

IBG is also working on an apartment project at the old Specialty Hospital on Capitol Hill.