Though they made no mention of it at last night’s meeting, Caribbean Day executive director Loughton Sargeant called today to assert that they’re exploring locations other than Georgia Avenue to hold the 20th annual celebration on the originally planned date of June 23 and 24.

What about the $400,000 they needed to raise, though? Well, apparently it won’t have to be quite as much—-Georgia Avenue is more expensive to police, Sargeant says, because of the high number of cross streets. He hasn’t gotten a new estimate from the Metropolitan Police Department for the other potential locations.

Ward 4 Councilwoman Muriel Bowser‘s office says she’s working with the organizers to secure the as-yet-undisclosed new location.

It’s not with the help of the mayor’s office, though, which sent over this statement: “We are disappointed that we were unable to reach an agreement with the event organizers that would have allowed the Carnival to continue.”

Photo by Matt Dunn