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For a recent Comprehensive Housing Strategy Task Force meeting, the Office of Planning put together some visuals that capture what’s getting built in the city, and how it’s changing. Here are some of my favorites.

1) Didn’t believe we’re in an apartment boom? The District issued more permits for buildings with more than five units in them than it has in the last four years combined:

2) Everybody loves a good racial distribution map. This one pretty much sums up how white folks have been moving east.

3) So has building construction. This is the last ten years:

And what’s in the pipeline. Note the Capitol Riverfront and NoMa exploding, and nothing much happening in Ward 3 during either period.

4) Ward 8, obviously, has the most subsidized housing—-up to 91 percent of the building stock in some areas! Which begs the question: Is there more subsidized housing there because it’s the cheapest place to build, allowing the construction of more units for your dollar? Or is it cheap there because there’s so much low-quality subsidized housing?