So, friends, the news is out: I’m leaving City Paper for the new New Republic, along with our editor of two years, Michael Schaffer. Until two weeks ago, I’d actually been planning on moving to India to freelance—-not because of this job, which I’ve absolutely loved. Rather, because no young person should stay in one place for too long, and the biggest urbanization story in the world right now is on the subcontinent.

But then, Frank Foer came back to TNR, and we talked about covering the tech industry, which has been fascinating me over the last few months. So I decided to truncate the India project, for now, and go write for a magazine that’s got its best years ahead.

I’m not going to get all weepy about leaving CP, for two reasons: 1) Mike Madden and Jon Fischer will take it to an even better place, along with the rest of this wonderful supertalented staff, including a TBA Housing Complexer who will be fabulous; and 2) I don’t actually leave for another two weeks, and there are a lot of blog posts, columns and a cover story between now and then. So keep picking up the phone, sources!

And obviously, thankyou to you all for being awesome. (Most of the time.)