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Welcome back to Housing Complex!

After a two-and-a-half-month lull on the blog, I’ve been handed the reins and the daunting, if tremendously exciting, task of picking up where the great Lydia DePillis left off. Lydia showed us that real estate reporting doesn’t have to be dull; done right, it can be the best lens through which to examine the rapid changes taking place in the city.

Last year, this blog was named the best of its kind, and I have no intention of fixing what ain’t broke. But I do hope to expand certain areas of coverage, including transit, immigrant communities, changing neighborhoods, and energy and the environment. I’d also like to spend a bit more time looking at the people putting up the buildings and a bit less on the buildings they put up. And, finally, while this is a blog about D.C. The City and not Washington The Capital, I do plan to spend some time exploring the intersection of the two—-it would be a mistake to pretend that D.C. is a city just like any other.

At least that’s the plan. Let’s check back in a few months and see how it’s working out.

Now, the important part: While I’m not new to the District (I moved here in 2008 and have lived in six D.C. neighborhoods) and I’m not new to reporting (I just returned from a 10-month stint as the Los Angeles Times’ Berlin correspondent), I am fairly new to reporting on the District. So I’ll need your help. If there’s something exciting or outrageous going on in your community, shoot me an email or give me a call. If I get something wrong on the blog (it’ll happen) or leave something out, write a comment, and I promise to read it.

Here are the various ways you can get in touch with me:

Email: awiener@washingtoncitypaper.com
Phone: (202) 650-6928
Twitter: @aaronwiener and @housingcomplex

Now it’s time to get cracking. Thanks for reading!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery