Bloomingdale has been rocked by floods just about every time the city’s gotten more than a sprinkle of rain this year. In anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie pushed the city to reup its efforts to prevent flooding in the Northwest neighborhood. McDuffie’s chief of staff, Corey Griffin, predicted that Bloomingdale residents would be “incredibly irate” if they were flooded again after experiencing four floods in six weeks earlier this year.

But following yesterday’s storm…everything seems to be OK. Francisco Fimbres, director of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Engagement, tells me that there’s been no street flooding at all in the neighborhood, just a few soggy basements. Scott Roberts, who runs the Bloomingdale listserv, confirms the absence of street flooding and says, “As far as I can see, from walking around and monitoring the #BloomingdaleDC tweets, I think that we came out quite well.”

Looks like the most drama Bloomingdale saw yesterday was the Shirtless Horseman.

Screengrab from Storm Team 4