Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie sent a letter to Mayor Vince Gray today urging him not to appeal a decision by a judge this week barring the city from using an Ivy City parking lot for bus parking.

“On December 10th, Judge Judith N. Macaluso issued an injunction that temporarily halts the operation of the planned charter bus lot at the Alexander Crummell School until the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) has been consulted and an environmental screening process has occurred,” McDuffie wrote. “I support the court’s decision. I write to encourage you and the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation to defer to the court by declining to appeal this decision.”

But according to Ted Gest, a spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General, the city is planning to appeal within the next few days, and is also hoping for a stay on Macaluso’s decision to prevent it from going into effect. “We first asked the judge who issued the opinion to stay the opinion,” Gest says. “If she declines to do that, then we go to the Court of Appeals.”

A stay from Macaluso seems unlikely, since it’d stop her own hold on bus parking on the lot—-in effect counteracting her ruling until the Court of Appeals decides on the case. Macaluso requested that the city not use the lot for bus parking until it’s addressed its failure to consult the ANC and conduct an environmental study, although construction on the lot can still go forward.

McDuffie’s letter is the latest example of his quest to prevent the city from continuing what he sees as a trend of using Ward 5 as a dumping ground for undesirable public services, like waste management and parking lots.

Photo by Lydia DePillis