The vacant Crummell School
The vacant Crummell School

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Days after a judge ruled that the city couldn’t use an Ivy City lot for bus parking, Mayor Vince Gray filed a motion for a stay on the judge’s decision so that buses could be parked on the lot pending appeal—-particularly during the inauguration festivities.

Judge Judith Macaluso ruled on Monday that the parking lot of the vacant Crummell School can’t be used for bus parking until the city consults the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission and conducts an environmental study. The city is planning to appeal the decision and wants to be able to use the lot for parking while the appeal is being decided.

But even if the city doesn’t get its full stay, it’s seeking a stay just for January’s presidential inauguration.

“In the alternative, if the Court declines to stay its Order granting preliminary injunctive relief until the D.C. Court of Appeals rules upon the District’s appeal, the District requests that the Court stay the Order until January 23, 2013, so that the Crummell Parking Lot may be used for its intended purpose during the Presidential Inauguration,” the motion says.

An accompanying document says the city has been planning to park 65 motorcoaches in the Crummell lot during the inauguration; if it can’t, it’ll need to find 10 to 12 city blocks on short notice for bus parking.

Photo by Lydia DePillis