Dear readers assignment editors,

You’re the boss, but only for a few more days. Submit questions for our second annual Answers Issue, and we’ll go out and do the reporting and come back to you with answers. A few of the 32 questions we answered last year included:

Marion Barry has a painting in his office of him riding a horse, while wearing a cowboy hat. What the hell?

Why are there no J, X, Y and Z streets in D.C.?

Why do some handrails on Metro escalators move faster than the stairs?

Does anyone ever win the myriad contests City Paper runs?

I’m sure you’ve got a burning question (or two, or three, or five) on your mind about that weird building you always pass by on your way to work, or the byzantine process of electing at-large councilmembers, or why your Metro stop got placed where it did instead of the much more logical location in front of your door. So ask away! The deadline is Wednesday.

Submit your questions HERE.