Much of the coming wave of residential development in D.C. is focused on condos, with high-priced shiny buildings coming to transit-rich areas like downtown (CityCenterDC) and the U Street NW corridor (too many to count). But one element that sets D.C. real estate apart is single-family rowhouses, and it would be a mistake to think that they’re in finite supply in centrally located neighborhoods as higher-density condos continue to boom. In the Capitol Riverfront, we’ve seen the development of attractive rowhouses just blocks from the Navy Yard Metro. But the biggest thing coming on this front is Chancellor’s Row.

It hasn’t gotten a lot of attention on this blog, but the planned 237-home development near the Brookland Metro will—-along with the nearby Monroe Street Market, with its 45 townhomes and multifamily buildings—-give a big population boost to a neighborhood with plenty of charm and a good location but not much in the way of amenities (especially since the beloved Colonel Brooks Tavern closed). And the project continues to move steadily forward. Just yesterday, according to the Office of the Chief Technology Officer data, the city issues permits for the latest batch of 11 single-family dwellings along Chancellor’s Way NE, three- and four-story homes, each with a one-car garage. That follows 12 permits issued last week.

Rhode Island Avenue NE is getting a nudge toward more retail development, and Fort Totten will get a boost—-for better or worse—-from the planned Walmart there. But Brookland, nestled in between, offers more of a tranquil, campus-filled, almost small-town environment than its neighbors, and it’s likely to see increasing demand to meet the increasing supply as these projects come online.