Much has been made of the District’s $400 million surplus in fiscal year 2012, which could add fuel to arguments in favor of capping property tax hikes and further lowering speed camera fines. But the new Comprehensive Annual Financial Report contains more than just budget details; here’s a numerical breakdown of a few truly important items Mayor Vince Gray will want to be sure to highlight in his State of the District address next week.

Tons of snow removed: 105,487 in 2012, down from 850,000 in 2011 and 5,298,905 in 2010. Chalk it up to a mild winter.

Tons of leaves removed: 5,659, down from 6,914 in 2011 and 8,050 in 2010. Chalk it up to a mild fall?

Number of motor vehicle registrations: 284,674, up from 278,915 in 2011. The war on cars is going poorly.

Number of school buses: 838, up from 802 in 2011 and 753 in 2010. The war on school buses is going just awfully.

Number of volumes in the public libraries: 1,466,010, down from 1,601,581 in 2011 and 2,242,514 in 2010. This despite an increase in the number of library buildings. Those fancy new libraries don’t actually have a whole lot of books.

Potholes repaired: 26,233, up from 6,863 in 2011. The bikers and drivers of the District thank the administration.

Number of ambulances: 73, down from 89 in 2011. Try not to get hurt or sick.

Number of medical incidents: 137,643, up from 130,268. You’re not trying hard enough.

Number of trees: 148,980, up from 144,000. Despite the derecho‘s best efforts.

Tons per day of recyclables collected: 133, up from 107. Pat yourselves on the back.