There was no hour-long ESPN announcement, but in the world of Business Improvement Districts, Bill McLeod is pulling what amounts to a LeBron James, leaving the Mount Vernon Triangle BID he’s headed for six and a half years to help start one in Dupont Circle.

“Dupont Circle should have a BID,” McLeod says. “It’s long overdue. Everyone is anxious to have cleaner streets, better landscaping. I’ve done it here, and it think it’s time for me to take my skills over there.”

McLeod has presided over tremendous growth in the former no man’s land of Mount Vernon Triangle—-whose BID is technically a “community improvement district”—-where new residential and office buildings seem to spring up every week. But just as Cleveland couldn’t offer LeBron the glamour of Miami, Dupont will give McLeod an upgrade from the trailer out of which he’s currently working.

McLeod says there likely won’t be a BID organization for Dupont, but rather a BID funding structure to support Historic Dupont Circle Main Street, which runs “clean team” operations but has been reliant on funding from the Department of Small and Local Business Development. “Steady funding,” McLeod says, “is the key to organizational development.” McLeod will take over as executive director of Historic Dupont Circle Main Street on July 1.

The organization’s borders are somewhat hemmed in by the Golden Triangle BID to the south, which extends up to Dupont Circle, and by the National Park Service’s control of the circle itself. Those borders will stretch northward from the circle to Florida Avenue or just north of it, westward along P Street to the bridge over Rock Creek Park, and eastward to 17th Street between P and R streets.