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It seems each month brings another allegation of D.C.’s “Boomtown” status as a leeching, federal government-dependent city of excess, and one new set of numbers to counter it. This month, the former category belongs to Mark Leibovich‘s tell-all on “America’s gilded capital,” This Town, and the inane reviews that have accompanied it. Fortunately, today we have a little something from Column B.

That comes in the form of the June 2013 D.C. Economic Indicators report, just released by the Office of Revenue Analysis. The data show that, per the recent trend, D.C.’s economy hummed along over the past year, with a 4.4 percent increase in total employment among District residents. But let’s break that number down. Here’s the change in D.C. employment in a few sectors:

Leisure and hospitality: +1.7 percent
Education and health: +3.8 percent
Professional, business, and other services: +1.2 percent
Real estate: +0.6 percent
Food service: +1.9 percent
Local government: -1.8 percent
Federal government: -1.8 percent

Washington, D.C., still living off the hard work of the American taxpayer. When will we ever learn a little self-sufficiency?

Graph from the economic indicators report