Yesterday, following news of the Washington Post‘s sale to Jeff Bezos, I speculated on what the sale might mean for D.C.’s—-and particularly the Post‘s—-real estate. Because the Post will be divorced from its erstwhile parent company, The Washington Post Co., there are likely two moves coming: one for the paper and one for the company.

A “frequently asked questions” memo released by the Post Co. clarifies some of these questions—-slightly—-with the following two items:

3) Will the paper be moving to a new location?

We announced some months ago that the newspaper was exploring a move to new premises. That initiative predated this transaction, and we expect the new owner to continue these efforts to find a new home. For the time being, however, the newspaper will occupy its current premises, which will remain under the ownership of The Washington Post Company, on a rental basis.

4) Will The Washington Post Company office be moving to another location?

In the near term, no.  But as The Washington Post Company considers where to make its long-term home, we’ll look at all options for the location of the corporate office. We’re certainly not leaving the Washington metropolitan area.

Post Co. spokeswoman Rima Calderon demurs when I ask whether this means the Post Co. could remain in its 15th Street headquarters after the Post departs. “The building remains on the market, so exactly where the Post Company moves and when is unknown,” she says.

But one thing is clear, as Calderon confirms: Wherever the Post and Post Co. move, they won’t be heading to the same place.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery