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Rock Creek Realty is hyping two condo buildings in Park View (though the company identifies them as being in Petworth).* The first bears a logical name: It’s on Otis Place NW, and it’s called The Otis.

The second one is across the street, also on Otis Place. Its name? The Redding.

“Fortis,” Rock Creek Realty writes, “a DC-based real estate development and investment company, seized the opportunity to bring the buildings back to life with the name of the legendary musician Otis Redding.”

Now, other prominent examples of the so-called swagger-jacking phenomenon at least make some geographic sense. Duke Ellington, whose namesake The Ellington is an apartment building on U Street, lived in D.C. So did Langston Hughes, after whom the Langston Lofts and Busboys & Poets (two of Hughes’ professions) are named. But Redding, who was born in Dawson, Ga., and recorded for Memphis-based Stax Records, just happens to share a first name with the street on which the buildings are located.

This swagger, it seems, got jacked at least one step too far.

h/t @kristoncapps

*This post has been updated to clarify that Rock Creek Realty was merely promoting the buildings but has no direct involvement with them. They are being sold and marketed by Urban Pace.

Rendering from theotisdc.com