You could spend hours playing with the recently upgraded D.C. Geographic Information System. Having done so myself, I’ll save you the trouble. Here, in no particular order, are a few dozen maps of the geography of all sorts of city features you never even considered, plus a few you may actually have been curious about. Some things (libraries, tennis courts, speed cameras) are spread evenly throughout the city; others are concentrated in wealthier (sidewalk cafes, grocery stores), poorer (public housing, closed public schools), or more densely populated (post offices, liquor licenses) neighborhoods.

Sidewalk cafes:

Liquor licenses:

Notaries public:

Salt domes:

Public housing:


Traffic cameras:

Speed cameras:

Places of worship:

Universities and colleges:

Projects under construction:

Tennis courts:

Post offices:


National parks (where D.C. generally can’t add new amenities):

District parks (where D.C. can):



Hospitals (green = specialty hospitals):

Homeless service facilities:

HIV/AIDS clinics:

General Services Administration federal locations (i.e., federal government buildings):

Grocery stores (not including the slew of stores coming fast-developing parts of town):

Golf courses:

Gas stations:

Farmers markets:


D.C. government wireless hotspots:

Public schools:

Closed public schools:

Charter schools:

Check cashing locations:

Car share locations:

Capital Bikeshare docks:


Wooded areas:

Images from Atlas Plus

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