We’re constantly flooded with real estate information about which neighborhoods are hot, with home prices leaping by double-digit percentages over the year or even month prior. But in a city in which most people are renters, sale prices tell only part of the story. Thanks to the real estate website Trulia, we now have a better breakdown of rental prices by neighborhood—-and not just per unit, but per bedroom.

The map above highlights the per-bedroom rental costs in certain high-demand neighborhoods, based on rental listings on Trulia in the past year. But because the sample size for certain neighborhoods is small—-Trulia won’t disclose the number of listings it uses—-it gets a bit skewed, with parts of Anacostia coming out as more expensive than parts of Columbia Heights. So it’s more useful to zoom out to the ZIP code level. Here are the three most expensive ZIP codes to rent in:

20037: Foggy Bottom-West End—-$2,500 per bedroom
20006: Western Downtown—-$2,378
20004: Eastern Downtown-Penn Quarter—-$2,255

And here are the three least expensive:

20019: Benning-Deanwood-Lincoln Heights -Marshall Heights—-$600
20020: Anacostia-Skyland-Hillcrest—-$650
20032: Congress Heights-Bellevue-Washington Highlands—-$750

Trulia’s Korina Buhler says the values are rounded to the nearest dollar, and it’s coincidental that the three east-of-the-Anacostia-River ZIP codes have rents that are multiples of 50. It should be noted that these figures are only for market-rate housing, so many residents are probably paying much less than this for subsidized housing, particularly in the eastern parts of the city. The actual average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in 20032, for instance, is likely lower than $1,500.

Likewise, studio apartments are counted as one-bedrooms, so in studi0-filled neighborhoods around downtown, per-bedroom rents may appear a bit higher than they really are.

Below is a map of the relative rental prices of all D.C.’s ZIP codes:

This post has been updated to include a revised map from Trulia of neighborhood rental prices.

Maps via Trulia