Exterior (Front) - part of a bank of 10 garages. This is 6th from south end.

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“Do not get confused by addresses,” warns the listing. “Record shows 1657 31st St. BUT it is way behind that address and is on the Alley off of Avon Place.”

At $97,000, this week’s exorbitant house is the most inexpensive one to date. Are the days of buying D.C. real estate for $100,000 back? Not quite; this listing isn’t a house but a garage—-despite its claim that it has 24 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms.

But before you jump to the conclusion that a 254-square-foot garage isn’t worth your hard-earned $97,000, perhaps a bit more information will cause you to reconsider. “It is a garage,” boasts the listing, “and it is lined with padding.”

Exterior (General) – view of open garage in bank of 10 garages. 6th from south end.

Exterior (General) – View of alley servicing garages. This is from front of garage looking south from north section.

Photos courtesy of Estately