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With the first segment of Metro’s Silver Line open, it’s on to planning the next stretch. The stations in Loudoun County won’t be operational until 2018 or later, but like an overeager would-be parent, the county is getting started early on coming up with baby names. One of the county’s three stations, the one Washingtonians are most looking forward to, already has a name: Washington Dulles International Airport. But for the other two, Loudoun needs your help.

Metro policy requires station names to be “relevant” (using geographic features, landmarks, or nearby centers of activity), “brief” (no more than 19 characters, including spaces and punctuation), “unique” (“distinctive and not easily confused with other station names”), and “evocative” (“evoke imagery in the mind of the patron”). Given these guidelines, the best options Loudoun has come up with are as follows.

For the station at Route 606: Broad Run Dulles Gateway Loudoun East Loudoun Gateway Loudoun Dulles North

For the station at Route 772: Loudoun Loudoun Gateway West

Yes, there’s nothing quite so evocative and unique as a pair of stations named “Loudoun Gateway” and “Loudoun Gateway West.”

If you like these names, head over to Loudoun’s survey page and cast your vote. But I’m confident you can do better. What says Loudoun to you? Toss your nominations in the comments. The winner just may receive a Washington City Paper–themed prize.

h/t Michael Neibauer

Map from the Loudoun County survey page