A map of all the bicycle facilities planned for 2014.If then-Mayor Adrian Fenty lost the 2010 primary to Vince Gray in part by focusing too much on building new bicycle lanes, then some of those Gray voters must have made a mistake. During Gray’s final year as mayor, the city has added a record nine miles of new bike lanes.

District Department of Transportation officials and cycling advocates will gather this morning on 4th Street SW and Independence Avenue to celebrate the record-breaking year, capped off by the completion of new lanes at the gathering spot, on 4th Street.

The new lanes hit all four quadrants of the city. The longest new lane is the (mostly) protected cycletrack on M Street NW.

The city’s 2005 Bicycle Master Plan called for the city to have 60 miles of completed bike lanes by 2015. With the new year around the corner, the city has eclipsed that mark, reaching a total of 69 miles.

Map via DDOT