Residents of this area were advised not to drink water in December.
Residents of this area were advised not to drink water in December.

Some of DC Water’s tests on the water in parts of Shaw and Logan Circle have come back positive for petroleum, and a Do Not Drink Advisory remains in effect.

After two reports of a petroleum smell in the water yesterday, DC Water issued an advisory against using water in the area shown on the map above for drinking, showering, washing dishes, and other purposes. The cause of the possible contamination was unknown. Four D.C. public schools were closed today due to the advisory.

DC Water crews flushed the water distribution system last night by running large amounts of water out of the fire hydrants in the affected area, and collected samples for laboratory testing. If the tests had concluded the flush was successful and the water supply wasn’t contaminated, DC Water had hoped to lift the restrictions this afternoon.

D.C. Public Schools announced this morning on Twitter that four schools in the affected area will not open today. Cleveland, Garrison, and Seaton elementary schools are closed today, as is the Garnet-Patterson Campus of Duke Ellington High School. All Duke Ellington students will report to the school’s Meyer Campus today. All other schools are open.

This post was updated at 4:05 p.m., after the water test results came back.

Map via DC Water