Do you have a plan to vote?

Let us tell you the information you need to register and cast a ballot in D.C.

Early education attendance in D.C. varies widely by demographics. [Urban Institute]

That big drop in traffic camera revenue? It’s not just because people were driving better. [Post]

Conversion of Planned Parenthood offices to housing gets the go-ahead. [UrbanTurf]

Examining rent control in light of the Rent Is Too Damn High guy’s eviction. [Vox]

“We Are Washington DC” is the new “One City.” [LL]

Young city-dwellers secretly yearn for the suburbs. [Atlantic]

Parking-free micro-units on Blagden Alley are a great idea. [GGW]

But the project is on hold. [UrbanTurf]

Today on the market: Logan/Dupont 1BR—-$334,000