Screened, Outdoor Living. - One of the most elegant rooms of the house is actually an outdoor living space. With a dramatic slopping roof line that creates a tall, yet intimate interior space that is made even more comfortable with a substantial fireplace within.

You know when you want a rustic cabin, but you actually don’t want it be rustic at all and are willing to pay $5 million to ensure it isn’t? Your search can come to an end at this Spring Valley house.

With six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and at least four fireplaces, it’s kind of like the cabin that large packs of 20-something friends are always seeking for a debaucherous weekend in the woods, except just a tad out of the typical price range. And also way more modern.

Consider those fireplaces. They’re not exactly of the get-sooty-and-roast-marshmallows variety:

Or how about the study, which engenders a sense of being in the woods, yet not at all in the woods:

Whatever your sensibilities, though, you can’t argue with the pool house:

D.C. is trying to encourage larger family-size housing. OK, maybe not quite this large.

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Photos courtesy of Estately