In other words, housing prices in all of the District’s neighborhoods have gone up since 2001, but some peaked around 2006. Hillcrest, Barry Farms, and Observatory Circle, for instance, saw decreases of 37, 36, and 20 percent, respectively, in median sales price since the latter year, ORA explains. “The median sales price of a single family home has decreased since 2006 in all neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River, in neighborhoods along the city’s northern border, and in some neighborhoods west of Rock Creek Park,” it continues.

In absolute terms, however, many homes in Wards 2 and 3 go for more than $1 million, as median prices drop the farther east one looks:

Fun fact: According to ORA’s analysis, the median home sale price in Mayor Muriel Bowser soon-to-be nabe of Colonial Village has decreased 14 percent since 2006. (In 2015, single-family homes there have sold for a median price of roughly $830,000.)

Graphs via District, Measured