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Bobby Van’s
809 15th St. NW

Stoli Raz
Triple Sec
…and, of course, a cherry

Brian’s take: Some bargoers said they felt a bit naughty ordering this drink.The only time I felt a bit naughty was after a few sips, when my stomach simply couldn’t take any more.This artini was a syrupy mess.I felt like I was in the movie Super Troopers, competing for first place in a molasses-chugging competition.Considering I couldn’t even finish my Mary with a Cherry, I’m assuming I would’ve lost terribly.

On a scale of 1-5 olive branches: 1

Ted’s take: I have it on good authority that a strong dose of Robitussin will send the happy guzzler on a reeling vision-jaunt through technicolor stalactites and tesselated beatitudes. The “Mary with a Cherry,” while sporting the same color scheme and soupy, medicinal sweetness, offered none of these tripped-out side effects. Instead, I found myself struggling to down the damn thing, and, afterwards, to rid myself of the clinging and sickly taste. In a one-on-one scenario, I have no reservations about Chambord, Stoli Raz, triple sec, or lemonade; together, though, they make for a pretty foul combination.

On a scale of 1-5 olive branches: 0.75

Customer Takes:

“It’s very sweet. I’m told they have Stoli Raz in it, so you can definitely tell there’s raspberry in it. I like the mix with the cherry.

“It’s delicious. It’s quite strong, which is wonderful. It has a little cherry after-taste, and, you know, I feel a little bit naughty ordering it.”
Artistic Invocations:

Andy Warhol

Yves Klein

Roy Lichtenstein