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Earlier this week, my buddy Robb Walsh at the Houston Press developed his own recipe for “Atomic Deer Turds,” otherwise known as venison sausage balls in polite company. Walsh may eat these dragon-breathed babies for breakfast—-couldn’t get your hands on a Naga Jolokia pepper injected with kerosene, Robb?—-but they seem more appropriate for Redskins tailgating.

The main problem with the recipe, at least in D.C., is getting your hands on venison sausage. We don’t exactly have that stuff coming out of our ears on the East Coast. As an alternative, I’d suggest you’d go to A. Litteri (517-519 Morse St. NE; 202-544-0184) and have the butchers grind some fresh pork sausage for you. Or just buy the hot Italian sausage made weekly there and remove the casing.

The change of meat, of course, means you’ll be officially making “armadillo eggs,” not deer turds, which ruins the adolescent appeal of the snack. But it won’t make it any less tasty.

Image courtesy of Robb Walsh and the Houston Press.