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I saw this hand-painted sign on a pick-up truck this weekend. What on Earth, I thought, could cause this guy to advertise his enmity toward animals in such a public, in-your-face way ? Did some vegans drain the waste lagoon on his hog farm or something?

The guy, in his own way, is arguing a deeply philosophical point about the morality of killing animals for our meat-eating enjoyment. In this highly industrialized era, in which some animals never see daylight and live solely for our dinners, his argument cuts through all the ethical questions on whether critters feel pain, have a soul and/or consciousness, and deserve any sort of legal protections. The guy reduces to it all a simple statement: Animals have no right to exist, a position at which he no doubt arrived by hours of reading and debate.

Or he could just be one giant redneck.

By the way, it’s hard to read, but the rest of the sign says: “You, eating meat, make it so.”