I could cull this list from Google Analytics, which would be oh-so-democratic. It would also prove to you the power of popular search terms, the insular nature of the blog world, and the insatiable need for more Elvis sex tales. Screw that. Here’s my personal fave list of this week’s blog items:

1. Chef Art Smith Does Brunswick Stew

2. One Dude Who Will Never Join PETA

3. Taqueria Distrito Federal II Adds a Little Color to Kennedy St.

4. Reagan Airport Still Sucks for Healthy Food

5. Whole Foods Wants to Sell You Shrimp for Thanksgiving

6. Lunch Call: Eat at Jackson’s Roasting and Carving Co.

7. Not So Fast: Neighborhood Restaurant Group Not a Partner in Eatonville

8. Song Que Moves Into the Old Four Sisters Space

9. Picking Apart the Family Thanksgiving

10. A Blast from the Past: 1972 Burgundy for Thanksgiving