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Back in the early ’80s, when many of you blog readers were just a fertilized egg, there was a book that hit the bestseller lists titled, Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche. Bruce Feirstein‘s lark of a volume was supposed to be a satire of macho men clinging to their knuckle-dragging ways as women’s lib started to gain a foothold in the American mainstream. (Sample of Feirstein’s satire: Real men think women start to lose their beauty at age 16.)

It would seem that some members of D.C. Council are still clinging to their quiche-hating machismo. As reported by both Mark Segraves at WTOP and our own Loose Lips, several on the council were none too happy when Phil Mendelson served a spinach quiche from Busboys & Poets instead of the usual stick-to-your-ribs meal of eggs, bacon, grits, potatoes, and sausages at the councilmembers’ monthly breakfast meeting.

Reports Segraves:

“Who is responsible for this?” questioned Councilmember Tommy Wells with a look of disappointment on his face.

Councilmember David Catania, who at previous breakfast meetings has picked his food by its color, didn’t have a lot in the way of choices.

“This is a Graham thing isn’t it? And he wonders why he can’t get any votes.”

Catania wasn’t finished bashing Graham’s buffet.

“Another breakfast like this — and Graham won’t be able to get the Ten Commandments passed.”

Most of the council members steered away from the quiche and opted for the fruit.

“I don’t like quiche,” grumbled Councilmember Jack Evans.

Why do I get the feeling that the next breakfast meeting will include a side of beef, atomic deer turds, jalapeno poppers, freedom fries, and a keg of beer?