The D.C. Council yesterday gave the green light for extra boozing in the days leading up to Obama’s inauguration. Sounds great for those on the sit-down side of the bar. But what do bartenders, mixologists, and watering-hole GMs think? I’m going to find out over the next few weeks. First up: Chris Cunningham, current GM at Enology wine bar on Wisconsin Avenue NW and former mixologist at Dino in Cleveland Park.

Cunningham had this to say via e-mail (with some editing for length):

I think it is quite crazy, but the Democrats deserve something for finally making it back to the White House….kind of like Moses in the desert! Better yet..since we are in a recession…we might as well allow bars to be open 24-7. Booze helps those cope and what better way than to be able to drink all the time!! AND..with the new corkage law in effect..patrons can take their unfinished bottle of wine home with them at 4:30 am and be able to enjoy it with breakfast, 2 hours later!!!!

I also think emergency legislation should be passed to allow hot dog cart vendors to set up shop for 24 hours a day coinciding with Inauguration so that all the drunk people can eat something!!! Let’s boost the economy in DC!!

I can now recommend a great Zinfandel or Syrah to go with that Ben’s Chili dog at 4 am. I also think that the strip clubs should be able to be open 24-7…now that is partying like a rockstar.

I mean it’s extremely historical and significant, but are the masses going to be blowing work and school off for the duration? Will all productivity in DC come to a halt!! This is a ruse by the Taxicab commission to make up for that Meter Law…now all those drunk party people are going to have $300 cab rides!!

I would agree if they would just allow you to register your firearms as well during this stop shopping—-guns, booze and food! I really would like to open up a gun store/bar/restaurant concept in the city. Think about it…A great burger, glass of wine, paired with a 9mm Glock or a .357 Smith and Wesson!!

Mardi Gras…DC style!!

Image by Flickr user Dan4th