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Sam Chapple-Sokol sounds like a smart, funny dude if this e-mail interview with Obama Foodorama is any indication. Chapple-Sokol is the young Washingtonian behind the nanobrew with the cosmic name, The Audacity of Hops. The beer is reportedly made with Challenger and Progress hops; roasted coffee beans from Kenya, Indonesia, and Hawaii; Victory malt and filtered D.C. water; and corn sugar from Kansas and Illinois. What, no unicorn dust?

I say reportedly made because, best I can tell, no one who’s written about Chapple-Sokol’s brew has actually tasted it. The Audacity of Hops would seem to be a phenomenon on name alone, which is not the brewer’s fault, of course. He produced only 51 bottles of the stuff, one for every state of the union, plus the District of Columbia. It just proves, once again, the we’re all suckers for a perfectly turned (and timed) pun.

The word from Chapple-Sokol’s interview with Obama Foodorama is that he’s preparing a new variation of his semi-famous beer that few have tasted. It’ll be called Audacity of Hops, InaugurAle Edition. From the ObFo interview:

ObFo: How long will it take you to make the brew? What will be in it?
SCS: It takes a couple of months from brewing till drinking, so I’ll be starting shortly. I’m planning an Audacity of Hops, InaugurAle Edition (‘09% ABV, replacing Challenger hops with Liberty hops) as well as an as-yet-unnamed celebratory brew, which I’ll be working on with a few brewing colleagues of mine.

ObFo: Your dad roasted the coffee you used f0r Audacity of Hops [Chapple-Sokol refers to this as ‘Beans From My Father,’ another fun ref to the Obama oeuvre]. Is Pops getting in on this one too?
SCS: My dad did roast me another batch of his coffee, which (for you coffee roasting nerds out there, get ready for the pun) he calls “Full AudaCity of Hope Roast.” What with four more batches of my beer coming, I feel like I’m overloading his small roaster—soon enough I’ll have to buy him a professional size roaster to keep up with the orders.

The best news is that Chapple-Sokol says he’ll make a larger batch this time around. So maybe we can even taste this beer.