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Tiffany Short is the former mixologist at PS 7’s who, earlier this year, got our nod for Best Use of Infused Vodka. Short is now at The Gibson, Eric Hilton‘s new, intimate speakeasy-like watering hole located next to his Belgian-soul food outpost, Marvin, on 14th Street NW. Short had a few hilarious thoughts on the D.C. Council‘s decision to expand the drinking hour to 5 a.m. on the days leading up to Barack Obama‘s inauguration:

I’m actually interested to see what happens to the city when the upper crust of D.C. wealth is encouraged to party like they’re at a German discotheque for four days. Will you stumble upon senators getting into drunken brawls in the middle of Adams Morgan? or watch Hilary stumbling down the street in too-high high heels, mascara running, jumbo slice in tow, sobbing that she thinks her husband is cheating on her? I can’t wait to see men in tuxes and women in sequins standing on top of bus stops screaming “Yes We Can” and giving cops the bird.

On any given weekend you can see two strangers dry humping in the middle of a dance floor… just imagine the unplanned pregnancies an extra two hours could facilitate. Is this the beginning of the next baby boom?