The Standard-Times, which covers the southern Massachusetts area where Ris Lacoste grew up, profiles the chef who has been working for years now to open her own restaurant, Ris, in the West End. It’s a fine, in-depth look at the former 1789 chef’s history, including this delightful part about the teen-age Lacoste working at Friendly’s:

At 16, Ms. Lacoste was hired as a waitress at a Friendly’s Ice Cream shop, where she began to develop her way with food.

“She made the greatest cheeseburgers,” said Brian Pepin, a high school friend who lives in Acushnet. “If she was on the grill, I ordered lunch. If she wasn’t, I didn’t.”

Friendly’s also instilled in her the love for food service.

“I loved waiting on people. I loved knowing what they had to eat,” she said. “It was a great neighborhood place, and the same people came in every day. I loved that.”

Hmmm, I wonder if there’s any chance Lacoste may offer a cheeseburger at her new place? I’d be the first to order it.