This story from USA Today raises so many questions, the least of which is, “Why the hell did the woman return the $97,000 she found in a Cracker Barrel restroom in Murfreesboro, Tenn.?” I can understand the motivation not to keep so much found cash. I’d personally have visions of Charley Varrick running through my head.

What I can’t grasp is the following:

  • How could anyone leave $97,000 in a restroom, let alone someone who essentially says the cash was her entire life’s savings?
  • Who carries their life savings in cash? In a Manila envelope so stuffed with money that the purse won’t even close? Have they not heard of cashier’s checks or even traveler’s checks?

  • Who is this mystery woman’s real estate agent, who can get $97K from a house and its belongings in Murfreesboro? In this economy?
  • How on earth did USA Today editors allow this story to run without a comment from the woman whose cash it is? Or the police? It seems they were too quick to make this a feel-good story for the holidays.