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OK, I understand the temptations that come when organizations, agencies, whatever get their grubby meathooks on a boatload of public money. They mismanage it. They blow it on “research missions” and elaborate meals. They buy their mistresses designer handbags filled with colored condoms and write it off as “entertainment expenses.”

I get that. At least I get how human temptation could lead someone to compromise themselves and their organization’s lofty missions. What I don’t understand is how the executives behind the National Veterans Business Development Corporation, otherwise known as The Veterans Corporation (TVC), could have such obvious, pedestrian tastes. I mean, if they’re going to piss away public money designed to help struggling veterans, at least they could visit better restaurants.

This news just came across the wires: A Senate investigation revealed that The Veterans Corporation wasted thousands, perhaps millions, of public dollars on “extravagant dinners, luxury hotels, first class travel, high executive salaries, ineffective programs, and other dubious expenditures.” Even worse, here’s where the report says these executives dined:

Meals at exclusive D.C. restaurants, including Bobby Van’s,
        Fleming’s, Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris and McCormick &
. TVC executives racked up a tab of over $1,500 at
        McCormick & Schmick’s alone.

C’mon, guys. Are you so busy wasting taxpayers’ money that you can’t be bothered to check out the local dining guides?