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Here are the top 10 items this week on the Young & Hungry blog, as decided by you, the loyal readers.

1. More on Gillian Clark’s New Restaurant Ventures

2. Ray’s the Steaks Set to Move Soon…Or Not

3. El Pollo Rico Reopens in Wheaton

4. What Ris Lacoste Learned While Working at Friendly’s

5. Are Ethiopian Eateries Really Hurting Because of the New Cab Meters?

6. Woman Returns Nearly 100K Found at Cracker Barrel

7. WSJ: Chuck E. Cheese’s May Be the Most Dangerous Restaurant in Town

8. What Does a $19 ‘Mixed Grill’ Get You at Lebanese Taverna’s New Bethesda Spot?

9. The ‘Subversive Element’ at Ray’s Hell Burger? Catsup!

10. Are Hot Dogs Really Made from Pigs’ Lips and Assholes?