I’ve taken a lot of pictures in restaurants, but over the years, I’ve never snapped one in a restaurant’s bathroom—-until this past weekend, when I stopped at the new Matchbox in Barracks Row. After washing my hands, I turned to look for a paper towel. Not finding one, I looked for a hand dryer. I didn’t see one of those either. Then I spotted this thing, at knee level, that looks like a device for severing your hands. It didn’t help that the contraption is called the Dyson Airblade, or that when you stick your hands into the thing, you feel a sharp prick on your wrist from the high-speed air flow. The Airblade is not a classic warm-air dryer. The water is supposedly wiped from your hands with “a sheet of air traveling at 400 mph.” So says the manufacturer. It’s designed to dry your hands in 12 seconds, using less energy than conventional hand dryers. I’d say the manufacturer still needs to tinker with the technology. I got tired of waiting for the Airblade to do its thing—-waiting for the blast of warm air that, of course, never came. So I just wiped my damp hands on my jeans and left. I was just glad that they were still attached to my arms.