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Capital Spice has a short interview with Leah Daniels, owner of Hill’s Kitchen, the cool 19th-century townhouse-cum-kitchenware-store on Capitol Hill. Team Spice asked Daniels if her store has a specialty. Her response, edited for my editorial convenience:

I am not sure that I would ever have thought that I would own a cookie cutter store, but it seems that I have chosen to specialize in cookie cutters. I sell all sorts of cutters from animals and train cutter sets to cutters for all the states.

Daniels’ answer reminded me of an incident at Hill’s Kitchen last weekend.

As I was reviewing the state options, deciding which ones might make good gifts, a woman approached me with a cookie cutter and a clear agenda. She asked me what state her cutter represented. I quickly reviewed its contours and decided it was Louisiana.

The woman had me. She smiled, tilted the cutter to its correct position, and its outline became immediately apparent. It was a D.C. shaped cookie cutter, with that bite of Virginia already conveniently eaten.