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Chow.com has just released its entertaining, if annoyingly click-heavy, feature The Year in Food 2008. It breaks down the year into nine neat categories, including environmental issues (good and bad), trendy eats, recessionary dining options, and media, among others.

Among the subjects are Michael Phelps and his 12,000-calorie diet, Batter Blaster, and the ousting of Gael Greene from New York magazine. But the funniest item may be James Norton‘s take on “That Darn Penis Restaurant”:

It’s difficult to prove, but it seems likely that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games received roughly equal to or slightly less coverage than Beijing’s now world-infamous Guolizhuang penis restaurant. Not since the premiere of Deep Throat … what’s that? Rein it in? OK, just the facts. Go to Guolizhuang and order lovingly prepared deer, snake, yak, horse, seal, and/or duck wangs, among others. Eat them. Gain strength! Improve the quality of your skin! And, most important, finally look Andrew Zimmern in the eye and say: “Andrew Zimmern, I have risen to your level.”