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Everyone, it seems, wants to figure out what Obama eats. It’s part of the ritual sucking-up that occurs before any new president takes office—-and before we find out what kind of scoundrel, skirt-chaser, salmon-killer, free-market hatchet man, environmental nut-job the new prez turns out to be. (Hey, I’m not saying Mr. Rainbow-Colored Change is gonna be any of those things, OK? I’m just saying some folks, somewhere, are not gonna give two craps about Obama’s diet once the president kills the funding for their research into whether white-blood cells extracted from bunnies make Olympic athletes jump higher.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, presidents and diet. Before we get all obsessed about Obama’s eating habits, let’s review what former presidents preferred at the dining-room table. Take AOL’s funny and cool “Presidential Food Trivia Quiz.” Let me know how you did in the comments section. My score is listed after the jump.

Did you beat me? I got 15 out of 22 correct. I have to admit; I got lucky on several guesses.